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Here are some of the things we help individuals and couples with every single day: 


Postpartum depression and anxiety is real for 1 in 7 women and 10% of men. We have the most extensive pregnancy and postpartum training in the state to help YOU find relief and solutions. It will get better.


Whether you are struggling with your relationship with pornography, trying to find where your desire went, understanding the role sexual shame has played in your life, or explore your sexual diversity, our certified sex therapists are here to help.


Do you keep having the same arguments over and over? Is there something just a bit off but you're not sure what? You’re not alone. We give couples and individuals the insights and tools to overcome things like this every single day. 


If you’ve experienced the grief of miscarriage, wrestled with the pain of infertility, or lived through the heartbreak of a terminated pregnancy, you know how painful and lonely life can get. We help people heal and find peace after loss. 



Looking for education instead of counseling?
Check out our new online courses on The Healing Group TO-GO!


Feel whole again.


Your struggles don’t have to be permanent.

You can grow and heal. We witness it happen every day within the walls of our office.
People bring in their deepest wounds. They reveal to us their biggest secrets, and share their most profound shame.
We work with them as experts of their own feelings and experiences.
We support them and guide them as they heal, regain their confidence, and let go of the heavy weight
that’s been keeping them from living a life of joy, happiness and peace.


When you leave our doors for the last time, we want you feeling healed, whole, and completely yourself.



Now open in Utah County

We are thrilled to now have a third location to serve our community. Our Utah County location is in Lindon. For office hours or location click here.

We now accept Select Health

All of our locations are now accepting Select Health Insurance. If you have any questions about insurance please click here or call our office here


Resources and Programs

The Healing Group is proud to offer resources and several programs and services for professionals. Click to learn more about these programs.


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